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What happens when it all goes wrong?

Rugby along with many other sports is about more than running around an open space and getting some exercise. Just as we do in life, on the rugby pitch we have to start with a plan, we want to execute our plan and ultimately win the day. Inevitably though, our plans can come crashing down, the promotion we wanted can be given to someone else, the sale we were waiting for never happens and our opposition come with their own game plan ready to win. As our game plays out each week we need to adjust on the fly, adapt and learn to spot new openings and then exploit them for our gain. Learn to see that just because our initial plan has evolved doesn't mean we cant still win, see those new opportunities we never thought would be available to take advantage of.

The skills we learn in practice and then in our game each week directly translate back to our everyday lives. On the rugby pitch or in life the ability to adjust and evolve your plans is invaluable. If you can master this skill not only do you make yourself more valuable on the rugby pitch but also in the game of life. Employers, friends and peers will notice, being ready willing and able to roll with changes and still coming out on top is a highly sort after skill and you can learn it right here as you play the game of rugby.

See the new opportunities as they arise, learn to be able to take advantage of them and win the day!

How is your game plan evolving today?

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