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What does Rugby mean to you?

Talk to just about any rugby player and they will eventually tell what rugby means to them, either directly or indirectly. We all have a story, we have all found something within rugby that brings us back and makes this sport once of the fastest growing team sports in the US. For some it is camaraderie that is found in the sport, for some it is the fitness and yet for others it will be something entirely different. All of these feelings and expressions of enjoyment for this sport i feel can be found in one word, family. Unlike many other sports you will find that those that participate in rugby (players, family of players, coaches, officials and facilitators alike) there is an over whelming sense of family. Ask those rugby players that have traveled and they will tell you once you find another rugby player you are instantly accepted just like a long lost family member regardless of the team you play for or the country you come from you part of a family.

It is this sense of family that binds the sport of rugby together and keeps it strong. Being able to compete on the field, having rivalries but still being able to walk off the field no matter what happened and shake the hand of your opponent then go and share a meal together and enjoy the good times telling tales of games long ago.

Rugby is special and unlike any other sport you will play, so why not give it ago? anyone can play and there is a place for everyone from juniors through youth and onto seniors there is a team, a club, a family just waiting to accept you. If your in Greenville South Carolina and not u19 any more why not check out our family; Greenville Rugby (

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