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When we hear the word sponsorship we often think of large corporate sponsorship's that pay to have their name on large arenas, for instance locally we have the Bon Secours Wellness Arena here in the upstate of South Carolina, home to our friends the Greenville Swamp Rabbits. You may even think or organizations sponsoring events like the outback bowl or the half time show of the super bowl. When thinking of local teams though we often overlook the importance a sponsorship deal can mean. These deals will mean the club has the ability to buy a new set of uniforms without raising teams fees, they in turn can scholarship players into the program who may otherwise not be able to play or may they can now take the team to nationals or a large tournament to help foster and grow their players skills. It could mean coaches being able to attend a new coaching clinic to sharpen and improve their skills. The fact is: local sponsorship is the life blood of many youth sporting groups, Us included!

So why should someone consider sponsoring an organization like Greenville Youth Rugby?

- Firstly, and most obvious it can produce brand and/or product awareness, sponsorship will often result in advertisement for team sponsors on uniforms and at local events, not to mention if those teams travel even more exposure is added

- This is often a welcomes form of advertising, when traditional forms of advertising are failing sponsorship of youth teams is seen as having a positive impact on a community and generates good will towards to brands and companies that get involved

- Cost effective use of marketing budget

- Tax incentives

The money invested into local youth sports can and will mean a world of difference for teams as they strive to provide a athletic outlet for youth in their regions and it will generate positive brand awareness for your organization. Find a local youth organization and see how you can best work together. If you are interested in sponsoring Greenville Youth Rugby, please contact us at and we would love to discuss how we can help you help us...

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